"The secret to becoming a fast, strong, dominant ice hockey player!"

The clock is ticking...

As a hockey coach, there's nothing more valuable than time. Between work, family and juggling practice - there's no wonder we have little time to properly plan hockey practice.

Hey, having run off-ice training programs for teams at all levels and having coached at the collegiate level, I can relate!

So I went on a mission (a selfish one at first) to create a template that would help me organize all my future off-ice practices. There were 2 goals for doing this...

  1. Make it brain-dead simple to run training programs for this season (and future seasons)
  1. If I couldn't make practice, I could hand my "templates" over to an assistant for them to run it without missing a beat
  1. Save time! By not having to re-create the wheel each day, it saves me at least 2-3 hours per week.

About 6 months ago, I let Mark, a friend of mine who is also a hockey coach, "borrow" my system. And the results were astonishing..


He said I'd be crazy not to offer this to other coaches. In fact, he said I should charge at least $500 for this program (since that is what other "gurus" charge for similar programs - and they are not nearly as complete as mine).

So, after some thought, I decided to take a leap and humbly offer my system for sale to you, my fellow coach.  I took some time to add in the most up-to-date information and make it a complete “how-to” guide. 

Rather than going on and on about how great my system is (and how much your athletes will benefit), here's a simple breakdown and summary of each "blueprint".

Blueprint 1: Quick Start Success Guide

Off-ice training works.  It’s no longer a fad.  If you aren’t doing it, your team will be left behind.  This blueprint will show you why you need an off-ice program and how to begin putting one together.  This blueprint will also include:

  • The top 3 training myths about training (99% of coaches are doing this wrong)
  • Simplified process of how to design a year-round training program
  • Should you or should you not test?  The answer might surprise you.

Blueprint 2: Complete Hockey Specific Warm-Ups

A slow jog around the rink and 10 minutes of stretching simply isn’t an effective warm-up.  This blueprint will show you why. 

Blueprint benefits:
  • 47 dynamic warm-up exercises complete with detailed descriptions and over 125 pictures showing your athletes EXACTLY how to do it
  • Discover a technique GUARANTEED to maximize performance and minimize injury risk

Blueprint 3: Strong Hockey Core Training
A core training program revolving around crunches and leg throw-downs is not only ineffective, it can be downright dangerous. 

Blueprint benefits:

  • The secrets of core training for hockey performance
  • 25 hockey-specific core exercises complete with detailed descriptions and over 50 pictures   
  • Discover the power of “reactive core training” exercises

Blueprint 4: Hockey-Specific Speed and Acceleration
Understanding speed training for hockey has never been so easy.

Blueprint benefits:
  • Discover the importance of improving maximal speed for hockey players
  • The best training methods to improve maximal and acceleration speed
  • Say goodbye to hamstrings strains while sprinting

Blueprint 5: Hockey-Specific Agility and Quickness
On-ice performance is all about starting, stopping, and changing directions quickly.  In this blueprint, you’ll learn how to effectively use agility and quickness training to maximize on-ice carryover.

Blueprint benefits:
  • 17 effective agility and quickness drills complete with descriptions and over 20 pictures
  • Discover the secret why certain players can be quick in practices, but not in games (and how to correct it)
  • How to design your own drills to maximize performance AND player enthusiasm

Blueprint 6: HIOC: High-Intensity Off-Ice Conditioning
Bottom line, conditioning can make the difference between winning or losing, celebrating a championship or another disappointing season. 

Blueprint benefits:

  • Discover why your conditioning programs may be making your players slower and less explosive
  • Easy-to-implement conditioning programs
  • Tricks to spice up your conditioning programs to keep your athletes engaged and working hard

Blueprint 7: Power Training for Hockey
On the ice, strength isn’t nearly as important as power.  What’s the difference?  Power is the ability to produce strength rapidly, to be strong fast.  In this blueprint, you’ll learn everything you need to know to develop highly effective power training programs to develop quick, explosive athletes.

Blueprint benefits:

  • Over 14 jumping exercises and variations complete with descriptions and over 45 pictures.
  • Easy-to-use exercise progressions and coaching cues 

Blueprint 8: Functional Hockey Stretching
Hockey players need a certain amount of range of motion around specific joints to maximize performance and minimize injury risk.  Having said that, flexibility training used the wrong way can significantly increase injury risk. 

Blueprint benefits:

  • 22 stretches and variations complete with descriptions and over 40 pictures.
  • Discover the ultimate misconceptions about flexibility training
  • Information on how to perform your stretches to gain maximum benefit

Blueprint 9: Program Design Made Easy
The process of designing effective programs is where things get tricky.  Juggling the different types, intensities, sets, repetitions, and rest intervals of exercises might leave you confused and frustrated, but not anymore.  This blueprint gives you all the tools and resources you need to develop your own off-ice programs, including:

  • 4 ready-to-use dynamic warm-ups
  • 4 weeks of core training programming
  • 3 months of power training programming
  • 3 months of speed and acceleration training programming
  • 3 months of agility and quickness training programming
  • 4 weeks of conditioning programming
  • A sample stretching routine
  • Explanation and rationale for all the sample programs
  • How to incorporate all training variables into one cohesive program
  • The best programs for athletes of all ages
  • A unique explanation on how to perform core training to maximize on-ice carryover

Blueprint 10: Hockey-Specific Player Testing         
I’ll be blunt.  Most hockey player testing is wrong.  The wrong tests are used and the the information is used the wrong way.  Learn the best tests to monitor the progress of your athletes and how to use this information.  This blueprint includes:

  • The only 11 hockey-specific tests you’ll ever need, complete with descriptions
  • A ready-to-use testing sheet that you can print out and use with your athletes.

It’s all there!  I’ve left nothing out.

You might be skeptical and that’s okay. 

Here’s what other experienced coaches have said about the e-course:

"The HTU Off-Ice Performance Training Course effectively covers all areas of off-ice team training.  Kevin has done an excellent job of condensing a lot of information into a product that is easy to understand and implement.  I have used many of the presented warm-up exercises with my athletes with success for years and added some of the novel exercises to my current programs.  This course will be an excellent resource for hockey coaches of all levels that are looking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their off-ice program."

Chris Boyko
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

"Kevin Neeld has pulled together a fantastic resource that provides excellent, up-to-date information in an understandable format.  This would be a great investment for any hockey coach; I can't say enough great things about it."

Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS
President - Cressey Performance

“The HTU E-course is one of the best off-ice training educational tools I’ve ever come across.  The progression of workouts ensures that players will continuously improve their strength, speed and agility.  Through a variety of exercises, the monotony of dry land practices will be over and players will look forward to coming together as a team to train.  Coaches, players and parents will see the results in attitude and performance.  If you're looking for a more effective method to implement off-ice practices into your team's routine, this is it.”

Joseph Azzarello
Assistant Coach, Men’s Ice Hockey
University of Delaware

"Whether you are a hockey coach at the youth, junior, or collegiate level, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Hockey Training U’s “Off-Ice Performance Training Course”. Kevin has put together a resource that can teach a coach with NO training experience how to put together off-ice training programs for their athletes. With everything from training progressions to nutritional discussions, it is truly a comprehensive one stop shop, with every thing you need to know to prepare your players to perform at their best.

The best part about this manual, is that Kevin speaks on a level that anyone can comprehend.  High quality information has never been so easy to implement.
Kevin has combined his years of hockey playing experience and "in the trenches" work training hockey players to create a product of unsurpassed quality. No hockey coach should be without it.”

Brian St. Pierre, CSCS
Strength & Conditioning Coach and Nutritionist

Okay Kevin, I’m In.  How much?
Save thousands of dollars!
In an ideal world, every team would have a well-qualified athletic development coach working with them.  Except for the top-tier junior, collegiate, and professional organizations, this is just not financially possible.  I’ve charged over $2,000 for one week of off-ice training in certain circumstances.  Even at $50/hour (as cheap as GOOD trainers come), an organization is likely to pay over $2,000 EVERY season!  To acquire this knowledge on your own, it’d cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in college courses, and countless hours of your time. 

This entire course is only $197 $97 $47! Even at $197 it’d be a steal.  I was originally willing to give it to you for half-price because I believe so strongly in the quality of this information and the ease of its application that I don’t want price to be a barrier for any coach.  Not only will you save yourself thousands of dollars this season, but you will save yourself thousands EVERY season by continuing to apply the strategies you learn from this course.

So why the extra $50 off? I recently received an email from a 12-year old hockey player in upstate New York. In the interest of anonymity, we’ll call him “Future Crosby”.  Future Crosby told me he’d been reading my website and really liked the information.  He asked if I had any recommendations for him regarding hockey training programs to help him become stronger and faster.

Of course I do! That’s my specialty.  When I asked if Future Crosby had read my Off-Ice Performance Training Course, he said no, but he’d love to check it out.  A couple days later he sent me another message and said he was going to start saving up his own money now so that he could buy it.

I have to tell you, I was EXTREMELY impressed with his attitude.  Having paid for almost all of my equipment my whole life, I can relate to having to save money for a long period of time to get something you really want.

It really got me thinking. It never occurred to me that there would be young players saving up their allowance and yardwork money to invest in their own development! 

So for Future Crosby, and all the other truly dedicated hockey players and coaches out there, I'm offering my Off-Ice Performance Training Course for only $47!   

Is there a catch?

Nope! It’s prettyy simple.  By delivering this digitally over the internet I’m able to: 

  1. Reach thousand of coaches instead of doing one-on-one consultations, which saves ME time and money. 
  2. Save me a ton of time and money in production and shipping costs. 
  3. Lastly, I promised myself that if I was going to sell something, I wanted to offer a lot of value.  In fact, I want my products to provide at least 10 times more value than the cost.  So if my product costs $97, I want the value to exceed $1,000.  If you don’t feel the product reaches this value, let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s not all...

Over $250 in FREE Bonuses!
That was my system that I’ve used successfully for years.  While my e-course provides more than enough material to make off-ice training easy for you to coach, I’m throwing in some special bonuses to help you and your team reach a whole new level of success.  Here’s what else you’ll get if you invest today:


Bonus # 1: Complete Hockey Nutrition and Supplementation (Value: $39.95)
Effective training without proper nutrition is like running a race on one leg.  You may get where you need to be, but it’s going to take you WAY longer than it should.  This blueprint gives you all the information you need to answer your athletes questions about nutrition, including:

  • The real truth about the benefits of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals and how much your athletes need
  • Discover my favorite food sources proven to maximize performance and improve body composition
  • Recommendations to help athletes gain muscle mass
  • Pre- and post-competition meal recommendations
  • A discussion on high-value supplementation
  • A ready-to-use nutritional recommendation sheet

secret to success

Bonus # 2: The Secret to Team Success Guide (Value: $10.95)
In all my years around hockey, there is one thing that not enough teams do that ALWAYS improves team performance.  Learn one simple, effective strategy to guarantee your athletes perform at their best, year-round.


Bonus # 3: 1-Week Pre-Season Training Guide (Value: $200)

Hockey teams at all age-groups are beginning their season with a pre-season camp.  The off-ice training used at these camps typically results in DECREASED athletic performance, and frequently leads to injury.  I recently developed and ran a 1-week off-ice training program for an entire youth organization, from squirts through midgets (8-18 year olds).  At the end of the week, all the athletes felt great, moved better, and performed at a high level on the ice.  In fact, the midgets won a tournament championship the weekend immediately following the camp.  That certainly beats limping around for a week!  This training guide is the exact program I used for this organization.  I almost NEVER give away my programs.  With something for athletes of all ages, you won’t want to miss this!

Sound fair? 


Click here to download Hockey Training University’s Off-Ice Performance Training Course NOW!

All The Risk Is On Me

I want to eliminate any doubt you may have and place all the risk squarely on my shoulders.  After downloading and reading this powerful course, if you aren’t 100% satisfied, I will refund every cent you paid...

Try Hockey Training University’s Off-Ice Performance Training Course For 60 Full Days With A No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee! theribbon

"Test drive" the Hockey Training U System for the next 60 days with absolutely no risk.  You are completely protected by our 100% money back guarantee.

You will not only be satisfied, I guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the course, or you can simply email me and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

In fact, if you're not completely happy for any reason at all, then I insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many hockey players take their game to the next level utilizing the concepts in this course, I'm totally confident that your players will achieve a whole new level of athletic excellence.

P.S. Don’t wait another second.  Learn the secrets to powerful off-ice training before your competitors do!


Click here to download Hockey Training University’s Off-Ice Performance Training Course NOW!

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